Spiffy Voxel

The Friendly Neighbourhood Big Blue Alien!

Picture of Spiffy Voxel's avatar in SL

Hello there, darlings, and welcome to my littler corner of the Interwebs!

My name is Spiffy Voxel, but most folks call me Spiffy.

I chose that first name because I’m British in real life 🇬🇧 and not afraid to let folks know! 😁

I live, work and play in the virtual world of Second Life. What do I get up to there? Well…

I’m genderqueer & genderfluid in Second Life — it’s my place to be my truest self. My avatar is an expression of my creativity, and I’ve been tweaking and modifying it ever since I first logged in in early 2015!

This site is my place to show off what I’ve done over the year, what I’ve learnt in that time, and what I’m getting up to now. 🙂

Radio Schedule

I currently do two weekly shows for Gorean Whip Radio, which are usually simulcast to Whippet Radio. (Very occasionally, I’ll need to restrict broadcast to Gorean Whip Radio if I’m doing a special programme in one of those slots that won’t be G-rated — I’ll try to notify in advance if that is the case.) As both stations are based in the USA, the schedules are set by Pacific Time (PST) which is also the time zone for Second Life.

Day of Week Time Slot
(PST / UK*)
Show Name Format
Wednesday 12-2pm/
Spiffy Probes Your Ears All kinds of electronic music!
Sunday 12-2pm/
Spiffy’s Sunday Supplement Soul, funk, jazz, raregroove mix.

(*Please note that UK times will be earlier occasionally due to different dates for USA & UK starting and ending Daylight Saving Time. Sorry about that.)

DJ-ing & Events

I perform at various annual events in Second Life during the year — in the past, I’ve done Second Pride, BURN2, Sci-Fi Con, Sci-Fi Expo plus the annual Second Life Birthday bash. Where I can do so, I’ll simulcast these to Gorean Whip Radio and/or Whippet Radio, as well as on my own DJ stream.

I'm happy to offer my services to charity events large & small in Second Life, particularly those supporting RFL (Relay For Life).

I’m also available to perform at private parties in Second Life on request. My rates are L$2000 per hour — yes, that's a lot but I provide a professional service for that price, with song requests and plenty of on-air chat.

As I'm based in the UK, my availability is limited to when I have free time, usually between 11 am and 4 pm SLT, but I may be able to accommodate earlier events. Sundays and Wednesday are when I do broadcasting work, and I cannot take bookings past 4 pm SLT as that's midnight UK time and I value my sleep!

Get In Touch

If you’d like to contact me about performing at an event in Second Life, hiring me to DJ an in-world party, or just to compliment me on how I look 😀 you can do that in various ways.

In Second Life

If you’re in Second Life you can send me an IM, I’m Spiffy Voxel (of course). A notecard can be sent if you have a lot of information to pass on to me. I’ll be notified if I’m offline when you message me, and will get back to you as soon as I can.

Via Email

This is a more direct way, and the best method if you need a quick response, as I only log into Second Life a few times a day at most.

Contact me at: spiffy@spiffyvoxel.co.uk